Tehnika 35

Krauss Kinnisvara team is not just employees fulfilling their tasks diligently. They are individuals who love their work and invest their soul and heart into each project. Their coordinated efforts, creative ideas, and complete dedication help us create homes that people want to live in. 


Tehnika 35

Our team is not just employees who accurately perform their tasks. These are people who contribute their heart and soul into the project. Only coordinated work of all team members leads to a high-quality result. Krauss Kinnisvara focuses on quality in its projects. This concerns not only the quality of construction, but also the quality of the environment. This is what our company slogan “Good homes for good people” means.


The company is established with a local capital, and has been successfully operating since 2008 in the field of real estate development and construction in the Baltic countries.

Vesilennuki 18, 10415 Tallinn
Tel: 56 85 58 14


The history of Krauss dates back to the distant year of 1926. At that time, the young Austrian architect Werner Krauss opened his first bureau, Krauss Eigenschaft. Over time, Werner became one of the most renowned architects in Vienna, and his projects continue to be a symbol of style, quality, and comfort.

In 2008, Alexander Krauss founded the company and began designing and constructing homes and residential complexes in Latvia and Estonia, adhering to the quality standards set by Werner Krauss. The hallmark of Krauss Kinnisvara buildings has become the blend of functionality, quality, and aesthetics.

In recent years, we focused on the construction of spacious townhouses and boutique homes in the city center. Diverse and meticulously planned layouts, convenient locations, and A-class energy efficiency make our homes ideal for comfortable urban living.



General Management and Coordination
He began his career while studying at Tallinn Technical University, majoring in civil engineering. In the company, he oversees all crucial organizational and strategic matters, including goal setting, project analysis, site selection, investments, and personnel recruitment. In his free time, Alexander engages in triathlon, participating in Ironman competitions, and enjoys paragliding.


Architecture Coordination
Mark graduated from Tallinn Technical University and the Estonian Academy of Arts. Additionally, he pursued studies at universities in Austria and Finland. Mark has work experience in leading architectural bureaus in Estonia and held the position of municipal architect on Saaremaa. He has received professional awards both in Estonia and internationally. At Krauss Kinnisvara, Mark is responsible for developing concepts for developer projects.


Design Management
Alexander completed his master's degree at TalTech in 2010. He began his career as a project manager for the development of energy facilities and later worked in project management at the KOKO architectural bureau. In his work, he values consistency, order, and organization. At Krauss Kinnisvara, Alexander is responsible for the development of company projects. His colleagues highly appreciate his responsibility and responsiveness. Under the strict guidance of Alex, our company has built Kalamaja Park Residence and Villardi Butiikmaja.

Leonid LVOV

Project Management
Leonid entered the construction business in 2011 and collaborated with major companies such as Nordecon, Maru, and Enska. For Leonid, it is important that the work on a project proceeds smoothly, and the result brings satisfaction to all parties involved. He genuinely believes that there is always a solution to any problem and always abides by this life principle. In his free time, Leonid dedicates himself to poetry and singing. Under the tactful guidance of Leonid, our company has built the Kristiine Loftid and Kalamaja Park Residence.