Tehnika 35

Penthouses are the highlights of this residential complex. The uniqueness of these apartments lies in the fact that they are luxury apartments located on the top floor of the building, with a higher level of comfort, intimacy and privacy.


advantages of a penthouse

Penthouses are an elite real estate that offers its owners a unique level of comfort, privacy and luxury, making them attractive to those who is looking for an exclusive accommodation.


The penthouses are located on the fourth floor of the building, which allows you to enjoy spacious views of the city and other surroundings.


Some of the unique features of the
penthouses include:


For buyers of penthouse apartments, an elevator with a direct entrance to the apartment will be available, which provides a higher level of privacy and peace.

Interiors package

Both penthouses come with the more expensive New York interiors package by default.

Huge terraces

Penthouses offer large terraces from 50 to 68 m2 with small awnings. On the terraces one can spend time with friends, make a barbecue party and sunbathe. We also envisaged the opportunity to install a jacuzzi tub on the roof, having mounted all the relevant cables and pipes for this purpose.

Air conditioning

To ensure a high level of comfort in each room, an air conditioning system is provided.

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