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We value each customer and always strive to create the most favorable conditions for purchasing.

Tehnika 35 Kodud

To make your real estate purchase even more advantageous, we have prepared several excellent special offers for you: 

Special offers from partner banks

  1. When concluding an agreement with Luminor Bank, there is no fee for the contract. They also provide a response regarding the loan based on our price proposal (no need to order an appraisal report).
  2. Swedbank offers a unique opportunity to obtain a 0% interest rate for the first two years when purchasing an energy-efficient Class A house. You will be able to acquire an apartment in our residential complex without any additional expenses on interest, allowing you to save a significant amount of money.

A gift
from Krauss köögid

Each buyer of an apartment receives a gift card worth 2,000.00 euros, which can be used to buy a kitchen. This gift includes:

  • Home visit of our designer with samples of materials.
  • Selection of materials, color solutions, and kitchen design in line with the interiors of your apartment.
  • Several options of 3D design for your kitchen.
  • At the end of the work, our manager will visit your place and carry out the works quality control. You will get a controlled, completed, clean kitchen with connected appliances and plumbing.
  • Guaranteed surprise gift for each buyer.

A gift
from Krauss Kinnisvara

We offer a parking lot as a gift to the first four buyers. This offer will allow our customers to save 20,000.00 euros and not worry about finding a parking lot, because they will always have access to a comfortable warm parking lot under their house.